Princess Louise: Queen Victoria’s Unconventional Daughter

Jehanne Wake Princess Louise, Queen Victoria
Princess Louise, Queen
Victoria's Unconventional

Princess Louise was Queen Victoria’s sixth child and her most independent daughter. Born in 1848, her long and eventful life spanned almost a century of violently changing social and political history. She died on the outbreak of World War II.

She was a talented artist and sculptor who attended art school at a time when such a thing was unheard of for a young royal woman.

She was a protofeminist who smoked, had a genuine impulse to help others, and possessed both a sharp tongue and a sense of humour.

She was also the first daughter of a sovereign to marry a commoner, the Marquis of Lorne, and live in Canada when he became Governor General in 1878-1883. His appointment allowed her to travel extensively there and in the American Wild West.

UK Publication: Harper Collins 1998

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